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 Starting Monday, March 23rd and until further notice we will distribute a full week of student meals on Monday.  This will require you to make plans to pick up on Monday only and thus making it easier on you as you only have to make one trip to the school rather than a daily visit. It also allows for our staff to limit their exposure. 

My staff and administration continue to find ways to serve you and support you while also caring for our families and dealing with our personal lives.

Again please note that after Monday, there will be no meals distributed for the remainder of the week. I will communicate with you throughout next week as information on possible continued school closure and meal service becomes available to me.

We don't have all the answers, but we will do our very best to tell you what we know, when we know it, and in a timely fashion.

Please be safe and follow the guidelines coming from our government so we can get through this faster.


ARE 9 TO 11 A.M.

Please come earlier rather than later because we cannot distribute after 11. These meals are available for all Sandridge students and we encourage you to take advantage of them.