Buildings and Grounds - Jack McCleverty, Director

  •  District 172 Building and Grounds 


    Sandridge School is undergoing construction the summer of 2017.  We tearing out the cafeteria floor and replacing it, replacing heating units and adding air conditioning to the entire building, upgrading the WiFi throughout the building and tuck-pointing.  We continue to strive to improve the outstanding educational opportunities within our school system through construction, repairs, safety & compliance, and upgrades to provide a better learning environment for the students and Staff of Sandridge School.  Services provided by this department include:                

                • Maintenance
                • Security
                • Technology
                • Equipment
                • HVAC
                • Custodial
                • Plumbing
                • Electrical
                • Grounds

    Currently we have plans for the summer and through out the 2016-2017 school year on updating the HVAC, replacing lighting fixtures to more energy effiicient fixtures, replacing the cafeteria floor and adding more security cameras throughout the school & grounds.  Thank you for visiting our website & continue to watch for updates throughout the school year.



    Jack McCleverty, Director of Building and Grounds



    Mr. Mike Smith, Crossing Guard/Maintenance