Information Technology

  • Technology Department 

    Mr. Greg Morris



    Vision:  The Vision of Sandridge technology department is to provide the technology necessary to students and staff for life-long learning and success in an ever-changing Technological world.


    Computer Technology is everywhere. Electronic Technology is in your home, your car, your school; technology surrounds us from the minute we are born. Technology is increasing in every aspect of our lives, continually changing us and reshaping the way we think and conduct our lives. With that being said, it is of great concern to integrate the use of technology with teaching and learning in the Sandridge School District. The Technology Department and District administration strives to achieve this goal in multiple ways.


    1.      Diligently and continually looking for grants and funds to invest in technology for Sandridge School District.

    2.      Recognizes the value and invests in the training and education of Technology Staff and Teachers at Sandridge. In return, the knowledge and experience are passed to the students to help prepare them for their future.

    3.      Keeping track of new trends and cutting-edge technology coming out in the industrial and retail market, we then evaluate the usefulness and value it can add to a student's education here at Sandridge.



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