History of Sandridge


    If they could see us now. What would they say.....

                Our School District was first formed in 1863 when an election was held in the home of Joseph Schaller. The first school took a year to build at a cost of $82.50 and was named Sandridge because of being built on a sandy ridge on Glenwood - Dyer Road. Twenty seven (27) students were enrolled. Enrollment dropped to ten (10) in the spring of 1864 as older children were needed on the farm.  

                    In 1925, construction began on  a two room school building which was finished in time for the 1926 graduating class.  

                    A new, modern, four room schoolhouse was built in 1954 and replaced the two room school which was sold and removed from the property. This new building was 875 square feet. 

                    By 1964, the school was overcrowded. Seventh and eighth grade students were bussed to Brookwood School in nearby Glenwood. Four more classrooms were added as Sandridge continued to grow. The four classrooms added 5,200 square feet.  

                    In 1994, Sandridge was busting at the seams again from growth. The enrollment at that time had reached over 300. Eight more classroom totaling 8,379 square feet were added that year.               

                    In the summer of 1997, we added an additional 3 classrooms, a music room, science room, computer lab and a media center. Offices for specialty staff and administration were also added. The total addition added up to 13,159 square feet.  

                    In 2004, the district broke ground on a 14 classroom and gymnasium addition. This expansion also included the renovation of the current gymnasium / cafeteria to a cafeteria / multipurpose room with a full kitchen. This new addition and renovation will  provide to the staff and students a full  functioning cafeteria with a hot lunch program for the 2005 - 2006 school year.  

                     In 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 school years many changes have taken place. The computer lab is up and running with 25 new computers and a new overhead projector mounted in the ceiling. Additional after school activities have begun, reorganized parking and student pick up to help facilitate faster arrival and departure times are just to name a few.

                To be continued, as we continue to grow and strive for excellence.....................